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"2021 we were able to meet you all at the BTS permission to dance concert in LA. We just want to say that we love you all so much. For every hug and every conversation each of you has given us a valuable memory. We are looking forward for this not being the last time that we meet each other. Look forward to 2022!"


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"2021 we started K-pop unfiltered and you all have just given us amazing memories. This year we've experienced a lot of changes so soon and we've also been reflecting on next year and how to move forward. Please bear with us for we are all indulging in a personal opportunities that this platform has provided us but we have not forgotten you all. We are working towards coming back to you on 2022 strong and as opinionated as ever. Please continue to follow as we will work on things to come in the future. Thank you all for subscribing and following us."